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Witte Teal ShokWood Rollerball desk pen

$165.00 / Sold Out

We love the design of this roller ball, simple elegant, and will look good in any situation. The Witte Teal ShokWood features buckeye burl edge and a glue finish to maintain a long lasting shine. This is considered a desk pen as the cap will not post on the main body while writing.

Beyond Wood Products, LLC started in 2012 making high end turning blanks and finished items. Focused on writing instruments for large corporate orders, BWP’s work was sought after by people that wanted truly custom pieces. Over the years, Tom Stone our owner, had less time to turn pens and other projects, which was his passion. Finally in July 2018 we are proud to mark the return of our finished item line!

All pens are one of a kind pieces and can not be replicated. The photos are of the piece you will receive. If you see a piece you like, the best time to buy it is when you see it. If you missed your chance on an item, feel free to ask if we can make something similar - but remember each piece is unique.